Net Wt. 500 g.

Categories : Ingredient Cocoa-Tea-Powder



MELON POWDER By Mistercoffee Experience the deliciousness of nature. Create your favorite menu as you wish, whether it's drinks. Bakery items and desserts in a variety of menus, both hot, cold, and blended

How to make a drink
- Measure hot water to measure 1 ounce.
- Scoop 2 tablespoons of melon powder into a measuring glass and stir well.
- Add 5 pumps of Frappe milk.
- Add pasteurized fresh milk to 6 ounces.
- Scoop 1 glass of ice over the top and serve.

How to store
Can be stored for up to 6-10 months (from the date of manufacture). After tearing the envelope, store in tightly closed packaging. There is no air coming in and out.

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